Heroin Pictures | Pictures of Heroin
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Heroin Pictures

Heroin pictures show that heroin is a highly addictive, semi-synthetic opioid drug synthesized from morphine, a naturally occurring substance extracted from the seed pod of certain varieties of poppy plants.

Heroin Pictures - Types of Heroin

Heroin pictures illustrate how heroin comes in different forms having various appearances.

In the eastern United States, heroin is typically imported from Afghanistan and Columbia. Heroin pictures show that this heroin appears as a white, off-white, or light brown powder, but unlike cocaine it does not have a crystalline structure visible to the human eye; it has a consistency more like powdered milk. Generally, the purer the heroin, the whiter the color, because variations in color result from the presence of impurities.

In the western United States, heroin generally comes from Mexico. As seen in heroin pictures, it is a dark brown powder or a black "tar" substance, commonly referred to as "black tar" heroin. Black tar heroin may be sticky like roofing tar or hard like coal.

Heroin Pictures - Packaging

Heroin pictures show how heroin is packaged. Powder heroin usually comes in small wax baggies, known as "stamps", because these same bags are used by philatelists to preserve their stamps. It is typical for a brand-name to be on the bag to differentiate it from other batches and establish brand loyalty among junkies. Brand names range from the comical to the morbid; examples: "Superman", "Cookies and Cream", "Big Shot", and "Suicide".

Heroin pictures demonstrate that black tar heroin almost always comes packaged in rubber balloons, and powdered heroin sometimes does as well. Balloons are used because the resin content of tar heroin tends to leach out through paper wrapping and balloons provide the heroin dealer a means of quickly disposing of the drug if confronted by the police by simply swallowing the balloon(s).

Heroin Pictures - Using heroin

Heroin pictures demonstrate that there are several ways that heroin is ingested by the user.

Smoking: Heroin can be smoked in a pipe or similar smoking device or more commonly heroin can be smoked by burning it on tin foil while inhaling the smoke through a tube or straw. This is known as "chasing the dragon".

Snorting: Heroin pictures also demonstrate that heroin can also be ingested by snorting it into the nostrils. Powdered heroin is snorted similar to how someone would snort cocaine and black tar heroin can be snorted by dissolving the heroin tar in a small amount of water and then snorting the liquid.

Injecting: As most commonly seen in heroin pictures, Heroin is frequently injected. The majority of heroin addicts tend to inject the drug directly into the vein known as "mainlining". Heroin can also be injected just below the skin's surface known as "skin popping". Additionally, heroin can be injected into the muscle, typically in the shoulder or leg. This is known as "muscling" it.

Heroin Pictures - Effects

Heroin pictures illustrate that heroin produces feelings of euphoria and drowsiness in the user. Additional sensations created by heroin include: Breathing is slowed, arms and legs feel weighted, their skin begins to itch and feel warm, their mouth gets dry, heartbeat slows, pupils constrict, and they occasionally feel sick (as if they want to vomit). When injected intravenously the user experiences what is considered to be the fastest and best "high" from heroin. The high that the user feels takes place within only 7 to 8 seconds after injection and up to 10-15 minutes after inhaling or smoking heroin.

Heroin Pictures - Addiction

Heroin pictures show how heroin is a powerfully addictive drug of abuse. Once having tried heroin, users cannot predict or control the extent to they will continue to use the drug. Heroin pictures illustrate how heroin addiction causes a person to have no other goal in life other than to use more heroin. This obsession to getting more of the drug results in the heroin addict stealing from friends and family members, neglecting their job or family, or even wandering off for days or weeks at a time on a 'binge'. Heroin pictures show that the result of heroin addiction is the loss of friends and family, leading to upset and anger for all involved. Heroin addiction also continues to destroy millions of lives not only by means of addiction, but overdose and death.

Heroin Pictures - Overdose

Heroin pictures confirm that heroin use is commonly associated with heroin overdose. Heroin overdose can happen quickly within several minutes or up to several hours depending on the situation. Heroin overdose slows down breathing and can stop it altogether, as seen in heroin pictures. Most heroin overdoses occur when heroin is combined with other depressant drugs like alcohol or benzodiazepines like Valium or Xanax. While overdoses caused by a single high IV dose of pure heroin may cause immediate death, it actually more often occurs as a prolonged process of breathing becoming slower, the brain becoming damaged through lack of oxygen, and eventually the person dying. This means that the person can generally be helped if they have assistance in time. In fact, at least 80% of fatal heroin overdoses occur because the person was alone when they used the heroin, as heroin pictures indicate. Early detection signs of overdose are; unconsciousness and unresponsive, very slurred speech, lips turning blue, and slow shallow breathing.

Heroin Pictures | Pictures of Heroin
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